Here at Smile Designs Dental Laboratory, we take pride in being on top of technological developments. We work alongside Smile Designs Implant Studio to provide customers with the smile they’ve always wanted.

You will have direct communication with our team of technicians who offer different levels of prosthetics services depending on your patient’s expectations from CAD design to 3D Printing and ceramics we have over a decade of experience available for you.

We provide diagnostics & planning, provisional restorations, metal restorations, metal-free restorations, implant restorative options, abutments, cement retailed restorations, screw retailed restorations and we are also the official UK milling centre for Oxy Implant Dental System UK

Diagnostic and Planning

Solutions we can provide:

  • Study Model
  • 3D Printed Model
  • 3D Printed Implant Model
    • Special Tray
      • Semi Adjustable Articulation
      • Wax-Up
        • Memosil Stent
        • Verfication Jig
        • Bite Rim
        • 3D Printed Set-up Try-in
        • Denture Set-up Try-in

Crown & Bridge

Solutions we can provide:

  • Zirconia Crown / Bridge
  • Zirconia Full Contour Crown / Bridge
  • PFM Crown / Bridge
  • EMAX Layered Crown
  • EMAX Full Contour Crown
  • Metal Non-Precious Crown
  • Gold Crown
  • Composite Crown / Bridge
  • EMAX Veneer
  • Composite Veneer
  • Zirconia Inlay / Onlay
  • EMAX Inlay / Onlay
  • Composite Inlay / Onlay
  • Twinny Crown
  • PMMA Crown / Bridge
  • 3D Printed Crown / Bridge
  • Maryland / Rochette Zirconia Pontic
  • Maryland / Rochette PFM Pontic
  • Maryland / Rochette Wing

Implant Restorations Crown & Bridge

(Screw Retained or Cemented Retained)

Solutions we can provide:

  • Zirconia Layered Implant Crown / Bridge
  • Zirconia Full Contour Implant Crown / Bridge
  • EMAX Layered Implant Crown / Bridge
  • PFM Implant Crown / Bridge
  • Implant Pontic
  • PMMA Implant Crown / Bridge

Full Arch Fixed Bridge

Solutions we can provide:

  • Metal Framework with Acrylic Wrap
  • Metal Framework with Composite Wrap
  • Metal Framework with Ceramic Wrap
  • Full Arch Zirconia Framework with Layering

Implant OverDenture

Solutions we can provide:

  • Milled Bar OverDenture
  • OverDenture with COCR Frame
  • Locator Abutment
  • Locator Process Kit


Solutions we can provide:
  • Complete Upper Denture
  • Complete Lower Denture
  • Partial Denture with COCR Frame Work
  • Partial Denture 1-3 teeth
  • Partial Denture 3-6 teeth
  • COCR Frame Work
  • Soft Liner
  • Denture Tooth Addition
  • Temp Immediate Complete Upper Denture
  • Temp Immediate Complete Lower Denture

Surgical Guides / Planning

Solutions we can provide:
  • Surgical Guide
  • BSB Design Fee 1-3 Implants
  • BSB Design Fee 4 Implants
  • Additional Implant Planning
  • Guide Tube Sleeve
  • Bone Reduction Guide
  • Pin Placement Guide
  • Segmentation Fee
  • BSB Export Fee

Immediate Load

Solutions we can provide:
  • Full Arch 3D printed Bridge
  • Full arch PMMA Bridge

We also work with the following systems –

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