2 Day Guided Surgery Course, Blue Sky Plan

December 3rd-4th 2021, London

Day One: The Basics

  • - The basics of guided surgery.
  • - Previous methods contradictions, pitfalls and errors of guided surgery.
  • - Workflow within the clinic, CBCT scanning scenarios.
  • -Importing DICOM and STL files into Blue Sky Plan.
  • -Start to finish, step by step implant planning. (Includes a range of cases)
  • - Fabrication of the surgical guide.
  • - An introduction to meshmixer.
  • - The basics of STL manipulation in meshmixer.
  • - 3D Printing introduction.
  • - Hands-on using the Oxy Implant Dental System kit and surgical guides.


Day Two: Advanced

  • - Further implant planning including more advanced cases.
    - Bone supported and tissue supported guides.
    - Full arch cases with immediate load prosthesis.
    - Bone Reduction guides and stack guide fabrication.
    - Smile-Designs workflow, information and our online personal portal system.
    - Additional case planning.


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